Today in the city Brentwood 25.05.2018
Leader Of The Pack: Why Algorithms Are The Future Of Pet Food

What does artificial intelligence have to do with dog food? The CEO of a technology-powered dog food brand reveals all.

Swiss Watch Brand Carl F. Bucherer Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance In Marvel's 'Deadpool 2'

Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer makes a surprise cameo appearance in an unlikely place: 'Deadpool 2.'

Pabst Blue Ribbon Takes A Jab At Trump With Its America Dreaming Campaign

The iconic PBR brand is joining other alcohol companies in celebrating the traditional American values that the president rejects

La classifica dei 100 brand più potenti al mondo nel 2018

Forbes ha valutato oltre 200 brand globali per stilare l'elenco finale di quelli con il maggior valore.

The Resemblance Is Less Than Striking For Brandi Chastain's Plaque

Brandi Chastain was one of the stars of the 1999 U.S. women's team that won the World Cup. The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame unveiled a bronze plaque to honor her that was less than flattering.

Soccer legend Brandi Chastain's Hall of Fame plaque is making people talk for all the wrong reasons

U.S. soccer legend Brandi Chastain tried to be diplomatic after her Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame plaque was unveiled on Monday, revealing what was supposed to be her likeness but looked more like a Bi...

Brandi Chastain's Hall of Fame Plaque to Be Redone After Criticism

A new plaque will be made for Brandi Chastain at the Bay Area Hall of Fame after a not-so-accurate depiction of the soccer star displayed Monday night, according to Steve Gardner of USA Today ...

Aaron Rodgers: Don't Know Why Packers Would Cut Jordy Nelson and Sign Dez Bryant

Aaron Rodgers told reporters Tuesday he's not expecting the Green Bay Packers to sign free-agent wide receive Dez Bryant on the heels of Jordy Nelson 's release in March...

Plaque honoring Olympic soccer player Brandi Chastain couldn't look less like her

When will sculptors learn how to sculpt?  On Monday, soccer player Brandi Chastain was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. This is well deserved as Chastain is a two-time Olympic gold...

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